Strategies For Applying For ADA Support

If you are disabled you may find yourself in need of ADA support. As it is a branch of the government, you might assume that the process is straight forward and that you all you need do is apply. But there are many issues that can lead to the denial of your application if you are not careful. Here we discuss strategies to get you approved.

It might be a service dog, or paratransit assistance or even help in getting a place of business you want to use to make their place more handicapped accessible.

In 1990 a law was passed that made all public places required to be handicapped accessible where ever possible. If a business has a single step to enter, this is an impediment to some handicapped people.

You can petition the ADA to compel the place of business to install a ramp if they will not do so on their own. In such a situation you would want to take pictures and document any conversations you had with management about the situation.

If you file the proper paperwork and provide sufficient documentation then you have a good chance something will be done. If you simply go and complain and do not supply any documentation then it is less likely anyone will follow through.

Getting The Services You Need
If you are bound to a wheelchair and you need assistance with transportation then you can get ADA support if they approve you. It is more common than you might think to have someone who actually meets the criteria for approval get denied.

The reason this happens is a lack of evidence of need. Since handicapped services are need-based, those who are not seen as having a direct need are denied. If someone applies for paratransit services they will be asked a series of questions to determine need.

An example question might be the distance from their home to the nearest bus stop with a handicapped accessible public bus. If the applicant explains there is one with-in a certain distance then the ADA might determine that the applicant can reasonably use public transportation and is not in need of paratransit services. So this person could be denied simply because they did not know what information they needed to supply for approval.

The next applicant explains that the public bus is close enough so that on days where the weather is good they can use their electric wheelchair and it is ok. But when there is snow, the chair cannot safely go to the bus.

Also when there is ice or even heavy rain, it makes it difficult. They might additionally explain that they can catch the public bus, but at some destinations, there are obstacles that make using the bus difficult or impossible to complete their task.

As you can see, getting ADA support is possible but only when you understand the system and prepare enough documentation to show a pressing and immediate need. Do your homework and put together everything you can and it will help expedite getting the support you need.